The Pursuit of Your Passion

My original post this week was going to be on daily/ self affirmations however I am reading a book called Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo and while I am not very far into the book however one of the key factors that he is pinpointing to be a successful speaker is to be passionate... Continue Reading →

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Living the Life You Desire with Quality Actionable Steps

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned has been that life isn’t easy. As children, we believed that everything was going to be amazing when we grew up. For many, though, it's not always sunshine and rainbows.  Chances are, the life we grew into is vastly different than what we pictured. Life is a journey.... Continue Reading →

How to Be a Self-Love Goddess & Love Life Even More

There’s a direct correlation between loving yourself and having a strong self-love practice. Having a high degree of self-love makes it easy to take good care of your own physical, mental and emotional needs. When you love yourself, you’re more gentle, kind, and considerate and compassionate with yourself.

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